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Member Spotlight: Maureen Funke


Maureen Funke

Maureen Funke, Director, Business Development, Greenbox-IS

  • Tell me how you first got involved in with CoreNet

I started to get involved with CoreNet in 2013… I was immediately drawn to the quality of the programs, events and people!

  • What is your first memory related to CoreNet? 

I don’t recall the location of my first memory, but I’ll never forget that Ron Zappile was there! He was so friendly and open to discuss his experience with me and to introduce me to others he was conversing with!

  • What has surprised you most being a member and in your various roles?

Most surprising to me has been the consistently excellent programming, events and quality of members. The folks that show up to events are high quality, engaged and always willing to help!!

  • What do you find most challenging about CoreNet?

I don’t like to call this a challenge… because nothing is really a challenge with CoreNet! If I had to say one thing it would be that I wish there were two of me!  There are times when I simply cannot get to all the programs/events that I’d like to, and I know I’m missing out when I’m not there!!

  • What do you wish other people knew about CoreNet?

I wish people, especially young people, knew that they don’t have to be a c-suite exec to join and be an effective member of this group. All folks of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome and will find a meaningful place here!

  • Tell me about some of the people you have met while working on CoreNet

I have met competitors (better to know them well : )), Clients, peers and mentors at CoreNet… they all have several things in common 1) everyone is willing to help 2) everyone is genuinely interested in helping you succeed 3) everyone is open to connecting you with their network. Heck… some of these people have even become friends!

  • Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work with CoreNet.

I can’t name just one… every time I attend an event, program or meeting I’m drawn to want to come back the next time. That’s a testament to all involved!

  • What might someone be surprised to know about you?

My degree is in Civil Engineering… which other than some killer problem-solving skills has almost nothing to do with my interior construction sales career!

  • What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining a local CoreNet chapter?

Follow our LinkedIn page and get to know some existing members… you’ll see that they all have something in common… they LOVE CoreNet. I’ve never been disappointed with my personal investments (time) or with my employers (three of them now!) investments in CoreNet. Get involved… find a committee or topic you’re interested in, tell someone on the Board about it and then show up. Show up as much as you can and it will be worth your time!

  • What do you think will change about our chapter over the next five years?

It’s getting younger and younger and while we’ll miss our retiring members very much the lifeblood of this organization, no different than any other, is the engagement of our youngest members!

  • What sorts of trends do you see with CoreNet and in the industry?

As things are still sorting out as to when a more robust return to work will be, we are seeing clients very cautious to make decisions on interiors construction in the corporate office landscape right now. We have seen several clients researching fast ways to create single offices, of course a drastic departure to previous trends!

  • What do you do when you aren't working or volunteering with CoreNet?

My husband and I have three young daughters, I love to cook, garden, meditate and spend any time I can near water and am rarely bored!

  • What else can you tell me about your experience with CoreNet?
I have learned so much from CoreNet on various aspects of the CRE landscape and process that I would have never had access to otherwise. The wide-ranging perspectives from service provider to end users are endlessly informative.  The people are golden, I will always be grateful for the professional and personal relationships I have gained from being an active member.